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Simple way to install and set up applications in your computer.
Select applications → Download and run script → Go play outside

This application is made to help you install apps and set things up on your computer. All you need to do is select the applications you want to install on your computer. It will generate a bash script. You can run it on your computer using the command given below. That should install and setup applications. This is an open source project. This application is hosted using GitHub Pages. There is no backend. All data used is fetched from GitHub. If the application you want is not present, please mention it in the comments.

Selected apps
Couldn't find an app? Submit it here.

Execute the script  ?

Before running it, please make sure you know what each part of the script will do.





If you feel this application is useful and would like to contribute:
◦ You can submit the steps for installing and setting up applications using the FORM.
◦ You can view and verify complete data in SHEET